The Smithsonian is the largest museum and research complex in the world. Museum visitors see only a small percentage of our vast collection holdings in science, history, art & culture. Collections provide the foundation for the Institution's world-class research enterprise.


Smithsonian Collection Holdings

Smithsonian holdings include museum, zoo, archive, and library collections that are acquired, preserved, and maintained for public exhibition, education, and research. The breadth of Smithsonian collections is immense -- from the smallest gnat to the Space Shuttle Discovery to the Lansdowne portrait of George Washington.


Collections Objects Digitized

Number of objects and specimens in Smithsonian holdings for which digital photos or other digital surrogates have been created. The Smithsonian has a massive digitization program underway, with goals of producing electronic records for all 138 million objects and specimens in our museum collections, plus digital images or other surrogates for a prioritized 12 percent of the total.


Digitization Progress


Smithsonian Collections Search Center

Images & other media files available through Collections Search Center, the Smithsonian's central online catalog of collections held by our museums, archives & libraries.

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